Midsize and Community Bank Supervision

Sydney Menefee

Sydney Menefee
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision

Midsize and Community Bank Supervision (MCBS) ensures that midsize and community national banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe and sound manner, provide fair access to financial services, treat customers fairly, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Community Bank Supervision focuses on banks that typically conduct traditional banking activities. While some of these banks range from $1 billion to $8 billion in assets, most have less than $1 billion in assets.

Midsize Bank Supervision generally includes banks with assets between $8 billion and $60 billion. These banks present unique supervisory challenges based on size, complexity, or product line but are not part of the OCC's large bank program.



MCBS maintains a network of district and field offices across the United States. These offices are divided into four regions: Central District, Northeastern District, Southern District, and Western District. The Midsize Bank Supervision Division also has a network of offices located within banks across the country.


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