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Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin is the record of receipt and actions taken by the OCC on applications and notices filed by national banks and federal savings associations.

Recent Weekly Bulletins

About the Weekly Bulletin

  • Each report is a record for the seven-day period ending on the report date.
  • The report includes receipts, actions, and consummations/openings processed during the week.
  • Activities in the report may have occurred in a previous seven-day period due to bank submissions after the consummation or opening dates.
  • Most applications appear in the report at least twice—once when it is received and then again when the application is decided. Some application types appear a third time, when the transaction is complete or the location opened.
  • Typically, notices appear when the transactions are effective, although branch closings usually appear when the OCC receives notice of the proposed closing, as well as at final closing.
  • Details on applications and notices are linked from the report to the Corporate Applications Search engine. Information can be retrieved from the search engine by searching on a bank’s name, charter number, OCC control number, application type or OCC action.
  • Each application or notice is assigned an OCC control number that is a unique identifier. When requesting information or discussing the application or notice with the OCC, it is helpful to reference the control number.

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