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September 2022

OCC Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2023-2027

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Collection: Banker Education


We are in a time of rapid change in the banking industry and the financial system, and across society more broadly. To increase the OCC’s relevance and effectiveness in the face of uncertainty, this strategic plan promotes agility and a culture of continuous learning, credibility, and trust as the banking system evolves. This trust is built on technical expertise,  transparency, and OCC leadership on supervision for safety, soundness, and fairness. To achieve these goals, the OCC will invest in our people and modernize our operations. Meeting these goals will bolster the value of the OCC charter, which rests increasingly on the credibility and consistency of our supervision. By maintaining a strong local presence, honing a unique national and international perspective, and seeking stakeholder feedback when setting policy, we can secure clear benefits for OCC-chartered banks and lead on bank supervision.


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