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Ben Rudolph

Associate Deputy Comptroller for Risk, Resources, and Examiner Development

Ben Rudolph is the Midsize and Community Bank Supervision (MCBS) Associate Deputy Comptroller for Risk, Resource Management & Financial Analysis at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

In this role, Mr. Rudolph serves as an expert advisor to the Deputy Comptroller for the Risk, Resource, & Examiner Development Division and provides executive direction for MCBS risk assessment efforts as well as supervision support through resource management and financial analysis. He manages a staff of risk officers, lead experts, resource managers, and examination specialists throughout the country. Mr. Rudolph chairs the MCBS Risk Committee and is a member of the OCC’s National Risk Committee.

Prior to the Associate Deputy Comptroller role, Mr. Rudolph served as liaison and key advisor to the Senior Deputy Comptroller for MCBS where he represented leadership with bank supervision managers, staff, and with other OCC departments. Previously, he was an Associate Deputy Comptroller in the Western District, where he had oversight responsibility for field offices and contributed to district strategy and operations decisions. He was also an Assistant Deputy Comptroller in the Minneapolis field office, where he supervised a staff of field examiners and managed the supervision of a portfolio of national banks and federal savings associations. He is active in the OCC’s leadership development initiatives, mentors new managers and emerging leaders, and serves as an instructor for internal training and the OCC’s Bank Director Workshops.

Mr. Rudolph graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in computer science.