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Unsecured Lending

Banks may offer customers a variety of small-dollar, unsecured credit products and services that are related to their deposit accounts. These deposit-related credit (DRC) products and services generally take one of three forms: check credit (CC), overdraft protection (ODP), and deposit advance products (DAP).



Date ID Title
06/06/2023 OCC 2023-17 Third-Party Relationships: Interagency Guidance on Risk Management
06/20/2000 OCC 2000-20 Uniform Retail Credit Classification and Account Management Policy: Policy Implementation
04/06/2005 OCC 2005-9 Overdraft Protection Programs: Interagency Guidance
08/04/2014 OCC 2014-37 Consumer Debt Sales: Risk Management Guidance
08/04/2015 OCC 2015-36 Tax Refund-Related Products: Risk Management Guidance
01/24/2017 OCC 2017-7 Third-Party Relationships: Supplemental Examination Procedures
03/26/2020 OCC 2020-25 Small-Dollar Lending: Joint Statement Encouraging Responsible Small-Dollar Lending in Response to COVID-19
05/20/2020 OCC 2020-54 Small-Dollar Lending: Interagency Lending Principles for Offering Responsible Small-Dollar Loans

Advisory Letters

Date ID Title
11/27/2000 AL 2000-10 Payday Lending