Minority Outreach

Minority Outreach

Minority outreach is an integral part of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC's) mission. The External Outreach and Minority Affairs (EOMA) division:
  • educates minority organizations and communities about the mission of the OCC,
  • establishes and maintains relationships with minority communities to proactively address matters of fair access to financial services,
  • supports minority owned national banks,
  • informs the agency's leadership about matters affecting minority institutions, and
  • contracts a highly talented and diverse pool of interns through national internship organizations to fulfill OCC managers' intermittent employment needs.

Project REACh

Project REACh promotes financial inclusion through greater access to credit and capital.

REACh stands for Roundtable for Economic Access and Change, and the project brings together leaders from the banking industry, national civil rights organizations, business, and technology to reduce specific barriers that prevent full, equal, and fair participation in the nation's economy.

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Minority and Woman-Owned Depository Institutions

EOMA engages in outreach activities to promote and preserve minority and women-owned banks and federal savings associations.

EOMA provides technical assistance and training opportunities for Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) to learn about federal resources and workshops offered that enhance the capabilities of these institutions to meet the needs of consumers from minority communities and ensure a safe and sound banking system.

Visit our Minority Depository Institution resources page

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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

EOMA conducts outreach activities through its coordination, facilitation, and implementation of conferences, roundtables, and seminars for MDIs and minority community groups.

National Diversity Internship Program

High School and College Internships

The High School Scholars Internship Program is a six-week paid summer program for select students entering their senior year of high school in Washington, D.C.

The National Diversity Internship Program provides professional development and enrichment opportunities for talented college students to fulfill intermittent employment needs at the OCC.

Connect with EOMA

Connect with EOMA

Email: EOMA
Phone: (202) 649-7938

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