Community Affairs Outreach

OCC staff members get involved in communities throughout the United States. Our involvement in these events allows us to give back to our communities and to better understand their needs and concerns. We also get to see how government policies and private investment work to revitalize neighborhoods, build businesses, and make life better for many.

The OCC's Community Affairs Department sponsors roundtable discussions, listening sessions, and workshops about the role of banks in community development and effective strategies for revitalizing communities and encouraging community partnerships. The events are for Community Reinvestment Officers (CRA) officers, lenders, community groups, and local community leaders. Upcoming events include banker roundtables and CRA training workshops for bankers as well as community groups.

The Community Affairs staff includes District Community Affairs Officers (DCAO) based in each of the OCC's four districts. The DCAOs support the OCC's Supervision teams by helping to conduct CRA examinations and to organize and host outreach and training for bankers, community groups, and others.

District Community Affairs Officers support the OCC's mission by

  • providing training and technical assistance to OCC staff, bankers, and community members on all issues related to the CRA and community development.
  • conducting customized consultations with OCC-supervised banks to help them develop and implement effective community development programs.
  • organizing and conducting, often in concert with other government agencies, community outreach events and listening sessions to exchange ideas about existing and innovative community development opportunities and to promote partnerships between banks and community stakeholders.

Other Community Outreach

Other outreach events Community Affairs and the DCAOs have supported include: