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Midsize & Trust Bank Supervision

The Midsize and Trust Bank Supervision Division is responsible for banks that present unique supervisory challenges based on size, complexity, or product line but are not part of the OCC's large bank program.

The Midsize Bank portfolio includes national banks and federal savings associations with total assets generally in excess of $15 billion, either in a single charter or aggregated among several charters. The scope and complexity of these banks' operations require a full-time examiner-in-charge (EIC) or portfolio manager to provide effective continuous supervision. The Trust Bank portfolio includes national trust bank charters that are not affiliated with any other OCC-supervised institution. Supervision of the trust charters is collectively managed and led through two ADCs who supervise a full-time staff of team leads and portfolio managers assigned to those institutions.

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Midsize & Trust Bank Supervision Main Office

425 S. Financial Pl.
Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60605

Midsize & Trust Bank Supervision Headquarters Office

400 7th St. SW
Washington, DC 20219

Phone: (312) 360-8800


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