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News Release 2000-63 | August 29, 2000

Nancy A. Wentzler Appointed Deputy Comptroller for Global Banking and Financial Analysis

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced that Nancy A. Wentzler has been appointed Deputy Comptroller for Global Banking and Financial Analysis effective August 28, 2000. Ms. Wentzler has been acting in this capacity since June.

As Deputy Comptroller, Ms. Wentzler serves as chief advisor and technical expert on international finance. Ms. Wentzler directs the research and analysis of the condition, structure and performance of the banking system, and has oversight responsibilities for the regulation and licensing of federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. She is in charge of the International Banking and Finance and Financial Analysis departments. Ms. Wentzler reports to the Senior Deputy Comptroller for International and Economic Affairs Jonathan L. Fiechter.

"Nancy is well respected within the OCC for her expert economic analysis and judgment," said Mr. Fiechter. "She has the proven professional background to lead OCC’s global banking and financial analysis activities in the challenging years ahead."

Ms. Wentzler joined the agency in 1994 as Director of the Economic Analysis Division and developed analytical tools to assess bank performance and conditions under a variety of international and domestic economic conditions for use by examiners and analysts.

Prior to joining the OCC, Ms. Wentzler held key positions at the Office of Thrift Supervision, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Wentzler earned her doctorate degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and graduated with honors from Pennsylvania State University.

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