News Release 2000-44 | June 14, 2000

OCC Adds New Link on Corporate Applications to Website

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has added a new site to its Internet page to provide user-friendly information on corporate applications.

The site reflects suggestions obtained by the OCC from bank consultants and individuals who represented organizers on specific OCC corporate applications.

"We want the information on our corporate application process to be readily accessible," said Julie L. Williams, First Senior Deputy and Chief Counsel at the OCC. "This new Web link will help us better serve potential corporate applicants and other interested members of the public."

The information available at the site includes contact points at each OCC District Office for inquiries about filing corporate applications. Email addresses are also available. In addition to the wealth of information available, users can download application forms.

The new site provides the complete set of OCC regulations that govern corporate applications and activities.

The OCC's Corporate Manual, which contains policies and procedures for chartering a new national bank and effecting structural changes and expansion to existing charters, can also be found at the site.

Information on corporate applications already filed with the OCC is available at the site along with published OCC decisions on corporate applications.

Filing fees for corporate applications will also be listed.

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