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News Release 2000-18 | March 15, 2000

OCC Launches Internet Banking Website

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today added an Internet banking section to its Website. The move is meant to accommodate increasing interest among bankers and others in OCC initiatives and actions on Internet banking.

"We want to provide easy access for bankers and consumers to the wealth of OCC information and guidance on Internet banking," said Clifford A. Wilke, Director of Bank Technology at the OCC. "In particular, we want to share safe and sound Internet banking practices with bankers interested in this line of business."

The OCC Internet banking Website contains OCC guidance for national banks on Internet banking dating back to 1996. The new site provides information on how to establish an Internet bank and OCC decisions on Internet bank charters.

The site contains all the safety and soundness guidance issued by the OCC on Internet bank activities. This ranges from guidance on digital certification, to cyberterrorism and technology risk in general. The most comprehensive piece of guidance, the OCC Handbook on Internet Banking of October 1999, is on the site. In addition, the site includes information on OCC legal rulings on permissible activities, including Internet and PC banking, electronic commerce, electronic payments, Internet access and other related activities.

The OCC has undertaken research on the growth of Internet banking which is contained in a research and analysis section on the new Website. Future OCC studies on Internet banking will also be found on the Website.

The Internet website can be reached by direct link from the OCC's Website at

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