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OCC Bulletin 1996-40 | July 29, 1996

Notice of Important Litigation: Message to Bankers


Chief Executive Officers of all National Banks, Department and Division Heads, and all Examining Personnel

As of January 16, 2015, this guidance applies to federal savings associations in addition to national banks.*

National banks are occasionally involved in private litigation on issues of importance to the entire industry. Given sufficient forewarning, the OCC may be able to play a role in the litigation.

Accordingly, national bank examiners will ask bank management during examinations whether the bank is involved in lawsuits that raise significant legal or policy issues within the scope of the OCC's supervisory responsibility, such as the proper interpretation of federal banking laws. Between examinations, the bank is requested to bring such litigation to the attention of the OCC's District counsel or the legal staff in Washington, D.C.

For further information, please contact L. Robert Griffin, director, Litigation Division, (202) 649-6550.

Julie L. Williams
Chief Counsel

*References in this guidance to national banks or banks generally should be read to include federal savings associations (FSA).  If statutes, regulations, or other OCC guidance is referenced herein, please consult those sources to determine applicability to FSAs.  If you have questions about how to apply this guidance, please contact your OCC supervisory office.