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Rescinded Banking Circulars

The OCC rescinds issuances for the following reasons:

1 Outdated: The document is no longer needed. Any attachments to the document are rescinded only as they relate to OCC-supervised banks.

2 Replaced: The document and any attachments were replaced by a subsequent publication.

3 Incorporated: The document conveyed content that has been incorporated into another OCC publication.

4 Transmittal: The document is a cover letter that conveyed another document, such as a proposed rule or final rule, an interpretive letter, or a document from another regulatory entity. The rescission does not apply to the conveyed document.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was created by Congress to charter national banks, to oversee a nationwide system of banking institutions, and to assure that national banks are safe and sound, competitive and profitable, and capable of serving the banking needs of their customers in the best possible manner.