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Public Comments on Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective

In March 2016, the OCC published a paper to provide its perspective on the state of innovation in the financial services industry, outline its approach to developing a framework for identifying and evaluating financial innovation, and solicit feedback. Read the paper, Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective (PDF). Comments may be submitted by emailing through May 31, 2016.

In general, the OCC will publish all comments on its website. Comments will be published without change, including any business or personal information provided such as name and address, e-mail address, or phone number. Comments received, including attachments and other supporting materials, are subject to public disclosure. Do not include any information in your comment or supporting materials that you consider confidential or inappropriate for public disclosure.

Comments on the paper are accessible below.

Commenter Affiliation Location Comment Date Read Comment
Randi D. Adelstein
Group Head
MasterCard Worldwide
Global Regulatory Counsel
Purchase, NY 6/24/2016 Comment (PDF)
Mark Smedley
Vice President
Global Financial Services Industry
Oracle Corporation
Washington, D.C. 6/14/2016 Comment (PDF)
Donald T. Parker
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
BOK Financial Tulsa, OK 6/3/2016 Comment (PDF)
John A. Beccia
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Circle Internet Financial, Inc. Boston, MA 6/2/2016 Comment (PDF)
Juan Suarez
Coinbase San Francisco, CA 6/2/2016 Comment (PDF)
William Cunningham
COEPTIS Melbourne, FL 6/1/2016 Comment (PDF)

Jackson Mueller
Deputy Director, FinTech Program

Staci Warden
Executive Director

Center for Financial Markets
Milken Institute
Washington, D.C. 6/1/2016

Comment (PDF)

Steven Pae
SVP/Technology and Operations
CIT Group Livingston, NJ 6/1/2016 Comment (PDF)
Perianne Boring
Founder and President
Chamber of Digital Commerce Washington, D.C. 6/1/2016 Comment (PDF)
Benjamin M. Kahrl
General Counsel
Global Debt Registry Wilmington, DE 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Joan Aristei
Vice President, Enterprise Risk & Compliance & Legal Counsel
Oportun, Inc. Redwood City, CA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Richard H. Neiman
Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs
Lending Club Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Jo Ann S. Barefoot
Jo Ann Barefoot Group
Senior Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government, Harvard University
Boston, MA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Jason Albert
Assistant General Counsel
Regulatory Affairs
Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Meredith Fuchs
Senior Vice President &
Chief Counsel, Regulatory Advisory
Capital One McLean, VA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Jotaka Eaddy
Head of Government Affairs
LendUp San Francisco, CA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Marcus Schüler
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Markit New York, NY 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Obrea O. Poindexter Morrison & Foerster Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Richard R. Riese SMAART.COnsulting Upper Marlboro, MD 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)

Azba Habib
Assistant General Counsel
Kabbage, Inc.

Daniel Gorfine
VP, External Affairs and
Associate General Counsel
OnDeck Capital, Inc.

Parris Sanz
Chief Legal Officer
CAN Capital, Inc.

Innovative Lending Platform Association   5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Steve Denis
Executive Director
Small Business Finance Association Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Brian Graham
Chief Executive Officer
Alliance Partners Chevy Chase, MD 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Buzz Roberts
President and CEO
National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders
(Council for Rural and Affordable Housing
Institute of Real Estate Management
Leading Age
National Affordable Housing Management Association
National Apartment Association
National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders
National Association of REALTORS
National Leased Housing Association
National Multifamily Housing Council)
Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Charley Cooper
Managing Director
R3 CEV Ltd. New York, NY 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Michael P. Lyons
EVP. Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking
PNC Pittsburgh, PA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)

Richard Foster
Senior Vice President & Senior Counsel for Regulatory and Legal Affairs

Chris Feeney

Financial Services Roundtable/BITS Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Wayne A. Abernathy
Executive Vice President
Financial Institutions Policy and Regulatory Affairs
American Bankers Association Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Brian Peters
Executive Director
Financial Innovation Now Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
John Taylor
President and CEO
The National Community Reinvestment Coalition Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
David Pommerehn
Vice President, Senior Counsel
Consumer Bankers Association Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Daniel Morgan
Head of Policy and Regulation
Innovate Finance London, England 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
  Mirador Financial, Inc. Portland, OR 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Anna Schwartz
Senior Director of Legal
Credit Karma, Inc. San Francisco, CA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
John Court Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel The Clearing House Association L.L.C. New York, NY 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Vikram S. Pandit
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Orogen Group New York, NY 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Lauren Saunders
Associate Director
National Consumer Law Center Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Jennifer Tescher
President & CEO

Jeanne M. Hogarth
Vice President
Center for Financial Services Innovation Chicago, IL 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
William D. Sullivan
Senior Director & Group Manager
Government & Industry Relations
NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association Herndon, VA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Michael J. Adelman
President & CEO
Ohio Bankers League Columbus, OH 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Tod R. Burwell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bankers Association for Finance and Trade Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)

Thaddeus King, Officer
Consumer Banking Project

Susan Weinstock, Director
Consumer Banking Project

Nick Bourke, Director
Small-Dollar Loans Project

The Pew Charitable Trusts Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Karen M. Thomas
Senior Executive Vice President, Government Relations & Public Policy
Independent Community Bankers of America Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Sima Gandhi
Head of Business Development & Strategy
Plaid Technologies San Francisco, CA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Brent E. Adams
Vice President of Policy
California Reinvestment Coalition
Main Street Alliance
National People’s Action
Woodstock Institute
Chicago, Illinois 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Peter Van Valkenburgh & Jerry Brito Coin Center Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Austen Jensen
Vice President
Retail Industry Leaders Association Arlington, VA 5/31/2016 Comment(PDF)
Liz Garner
Vice President
Merchant Advisory Group Minneapolis, MN
Dominic Venturo
Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer
U.S. Bank Washington, D.C. 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Catherine A Allen
President and CEO
The Santa Fe Group,
Shared Assessments Program
Santa Fe, New Mexico 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Timothy Flacke
Executive Director
Doorways to Dreams Fund Allston, MA 5/31/2016 Comment (PDF)
Ryan Zagone
Director of Regulatory Relations
Ripple San Francisco, CA 5/30/2016 Comment (PDF)
Andrew Ruben Individual Yale Law School 5/30/2016 Comment (PDF)
Perry Rahbar
dv01 New York, NY 5/30/2016 Comment (PDF)
Charles Cheatham
SVP & General Counsel
BankOnIT Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 5/27/2016 Comment (PDF)
Richard Johns
Executive Director
Structured Finance Industry Group Washington, D.C. 5/27/2016 Comment (PDF)
Scott Talbott
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
Mary C. Albert
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Electronic Transactions Association Washington, D.C. 5/27/2016 Comment (PDF)
Martin Dietrich
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
NBT Bank, N.A. Norwich, NY 5/27/2016 Comment (PDF)
Heather Cox, CEO Citi FinTech Long Island City, NY 5/26/2016 Comment (PDF)
Kevin Hanson - EVP/Director of Lending Gate City Bank Gate City Bank North Dakota 5/25/2016 Comment (PDF)
John H. Henson VP, Head of Compliance LendingTree, Inc. Charlotte, NC 5/24/2015 Comment (PDF)
Brian Knight, Senior Research Fellow, Financial Markets Working Group Mercatus Center at George Mason University Arlington, VA 5/12/2016 Comment (PDF)
Sandra Holly Individual Hyattsville, MD 4/18/2016 Comment (PDF)