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Weekly Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin is a record of applications received and actions taken by the Comptroller of the Currency for national banks. This includes applications for new banks, conversions, change in corporate title, new branches, branch closings, mergers, changes in bank control, relocations, subsidiaries, terminations, federal branches and agencies, and fiduciary activities.

In May of 2013, the OCC introduced a new format for the Weekly Bulletin. The new format follows the introduction of a new system called the Central Application Tracking System (CATS). CATS, which went live internal to the OCC at the end of April, facilitates the submission of electronic applications to the OCC. The New Weekly Bulletin, now in PDF, is available by date. It also incorporates the Weekly Merger Public Comment Period Report to reflect a comment period end date for national bank mergers, consolidations, and purchase and assumptions that is the latter of: 1) the newspaper publication comment period end date; 2) 30 days from the publication of the merger application in the Weekly Bulletin; or 3) 30 days from the date the merger application is posted to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room.

Details on the applications appearing in the New Weekly Bulletin can be retrieved through the Corporate Applications Search (CAS), a replacement for the Corporate Applications Activity Search (CAAS), by searching on the bank’s name, charter number, OCC control number, application type or OCC action.

Most applications appear in the bulletin at least twice – once when they are received and then again when they are acted upon. Some application types appear a third time, when the transaction is consummated or the location opened. Typically, notices appear when the transactions are effective, although branch closings usually appear when the OCC receives notice of the proposed closing, as well as at final closing.

Each bulletin is a record for the seven-day period ending on the report date. The record includes receipts, actions, and consummations/openings processed during the week. Because notices are often received after the consummation or opening dates, some of the activity in the bulletin may have happened in a previous seven-day period.

Each application is assigned an OCC control number. The control number is a unique identifier for each filing. When requesting information or discussing the application with the OCC, it is helpful to reference the control number. Note, post the introduction of CATS, the OCC control number format changed slightly. The new format continues to identify the district and the year in which the application was filed plus, it now includes an alpha description of the application type.

New Weekly Bulletins
06/01/201306/08/201306/15/201306/22/2013  06/29/2013
08/03/201308/10/201308/17/201308/24/2013  08/31/2013

Pre-CATS Weekly Bulletins

Previous Weekly Bulletins are available for download by selecting the ending date of the week of the bulletin from the below list. The documents are lengthy and are compressed for download to ZIP files. If you do not have the software necessary to open these files, you can download a free version from the PKWare Web site.

Pre-CATS Weekly Bulletins

Past Weekly Bulletin Issues