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1998 Alerts

12/18/1998  Alert 1998-45,Unauthorized Banking
12/17/1998  Alert 1998-44,Unauthorized Banking-Unauthorized Bank Entities - Belize
11/20/1998  Alert 1998-41,Suspicious Transactions–Banca Populara Ardealul
11/16/1998  Alert 1998-39,Suspicious Transactions Certified Documentary Draft/Comptroller Warrant
11/13/1998  Alert 1998-38,Unauthorized Banking–Caribbean Bank of Commerce Ltd. (Melchizedek)
11/04/1998  Alert 1998-37,Unauthorized Banking–Dominion International Bank, Ltd.
11/04/1998  Alert 1998-36,Unauthorized Banking–Atlantic Caribbean Bank & Trust Co., Ltd.
10/19/1998  Alert 1998-35,Unauthorized Banking–Western Credit Bank, L.L.C.
10/19/1998  Alert 1998-34,Unauthorized Banking–First Mutual Sparkassa Ekonomisk Forening
10/19/1998  Alert 1998-33,Unauthorized Banking–Listing of Unauthorized Banks in Canada
09/22/1998  Alert 1998-32,Unauthorized Banking–Unauthorized Guarantee Instruments and a Promissory Note
09/22/1998  Alert 1998-31,Unauthorized Banking–Al-Manaf International Merchant Bank, Inc.
09/01/1998  Alert 1998-30,Unauthorized Banking–Richard Jones' Bank
08/28/1998  Alert 1998-29,Unauthorized Banking–Unauthorized Bank Entities-Belize
08/17/1998  Alert 1998-28,Unauthorized Banking–Swiss Merchant Bank, A.G. (Melchizedek)
08/13/1998  Alert 1998-27,Unauthorized Banking–National Revenue Banking
08/10/1998  Alert 1998-26,Unauthorized Banking–Basel Credit & Guaranty Bank, A.G. (Melchizedek)
08/10/1998  Alert 1998-25,Unauthorized Banking–Credit Bank International Company (Melchizedek)
07/07/1998  Alert 1998-24,Unauthorized Banking–London Chartered Bank, Ltd, (Melchizedek)
07/04/1998  Alert 1998-23,Suspicious Transactions–Grenada Letter of Guarantee Instruments
07/04/1998  Alert 1998-22,Unauthorized Banking–Sunfirst Trust Co. Ltd.
07/14/1998  Alert 1998-21,Unauthorized Banking–Current List of OCC Alerts on Unauthorized Banks
06/17/1998  Alert 1998-20,Unauthorized Banking–Commercial Banking Group Creditanstalt, A. G. et al
05/29/1998  Alert 1998-19,Suspicious Transactions–Letter of Guarantee Instruments
05/15/1998  Alert 1998-18,Suspicious Transactions–Stolen United States Treasury Checks
04/22/1998  Alert 1998-17,Unauthorized Banking–United Funding Bancorporation, Ltd.
04/22/1998  Alert 1998-16,Unauthorized Banking–Meridian Merchants Bank, Inc. (Nauru)
04/21/1998  Alert 1998-15,Suspicious Transactions–Banca Populara Ardealul
04/21/1998  Alert 1998-14,Unauthorized Banking–Caribbean Bank of Commerce, Ltd.
04/21/1998  Alert 1998-13,Unauthorized Banking–Unauthorized Bank Entities-Belize
03/23/1998  Alert 1998-10,Unauthorized Banking–Bank of Business Western Samoa
03/05/1998  Alert 1998-9,Unauthorized Banking–Banhofstrasse, Commercial Bank AG (Melchizedek)
02/23/1998  Alert 1998-8,Unauthorized Banking–Atlantic Bank, Ltd.
02/18/1998  Alert 1998-7,Suspicious Transactions–BANQUE de Petite MARTINIQUE
02/12/1998  Alert 1998-5,Unauthorized Banking–Fidelity International Bank
01/08/1998  Alert 1998-1,Unauthorized Banking–Current List of OCC Alerts on Unauthorized Banks