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Federal Resources - This is an online clearinghouse for FDIC initiatives related to ensuring individuals’ access to mainstream banking system.

Federal Reserve System - Federal Reserve Banks across the nation conduct research and produce publications on a variety of consumer issues, including how state and national banks can serve underbanked consumers. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s 2010 “Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers” study found that more than 2.3 million households in the Fed’s 10th district—and more than 30 million nationally—rely on nonbank entities to meet all or some of their basic financial needs. The study offers a qualitative look at dozens of unbanked and underbanked individuals.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Asset for Independence Resource Center - is a one-stop source for information on the Assets for Independence program and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).

U.S. Department of the Treasury - A number of Treasury’s financial education and financial access initiatives are under way in the wake of the July 2011 enactment of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. - This Web site serves as a one-stop place for information on financial literacy, as well as education programs, grants, and other helpful information. The information is available in English and Spanish.

1-888-MyMoney - The federal government’s toll-free hotline provides easy public access to financial education information and resources. The information is available in English and Spanish.

OCC resources - The OCC’s Web site offers a variety of information on underbanked markets and other consumer issues. The article “Bringing the Benefits of Mainstream Banking to Lower-Income Renters” discusses the challenges faced by consumers who rent apartments and homes in underbanked markets.

Center for Financial Services Innovation - One of the most active organizations focusing on the underbanked and financial services.

Center for Responsible Lending - A leading consumer-advocate organization. It conducts research and advocacy on issues directly affecting the underbanked.