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Traditional and Alternative Investment Management Services

Investment management is the business of managing or providing advice on investment portfolios or individual assets for compensation. National banks are significant providers of these services, covering traditional investments (publicly traded stocks and bonds) and alternative investments (real estate, hedge funds, and other unregistered private investments).

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Investment Management Services (Comptroller’s Handbook, August 2001)
Provides an overview of the investment management business, its associated risks, and an appropriate risk management framework

BC=Banking Circular
IL=Interpretive Letter

Cross-Trade Exemption from DOL on Model-Driven Funds (IL 919, November 2001)
Addresses whether model-driven funds may allocate costs to participants in the same manner as section 9.18 index funds

Fiduciary Risk Management of Derivatives and Mortgage Backed Securities (OCC Bulletin 96-25, April 1996)
Addresses the safety and soundness of banks purchasing assets in a fiduciary capacity

Purchase of Auction Rate Securities (IL 1115, April 2009)
Addresses the authority of a wholly owned subsidiary to purchase and hold for its own account shares of auction-rate preferred securities

Risk Management of Financial Derivatives (BC 277, October 1993)
Provides guidance on bank oversight, policies and procedures, risk monitoring, and audit coverage

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03/18/2015  NR 2015-37, Comptroller of the Currency Issues Statement Regarding Bank Investment in the Municipal Securities Market