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Listing of Retirees:  June 16, 2013 – September 3, 2013


NameLength of Government ServiceSeparation Date
Charles C. Burgess35.506/29/2013
Kathleen R. Donohue32.806/29/2013
Joanne J. Haakinson17.906/29/2013
Craig L. Morton27.106/29/2013
Coreen S. Arnold38.107/03/2013
William D. Grady33.407/03/2013
Christine Jones31.607/03/2013
Patricia Vellas40.107/03/2013
Leona Isgett Hiatt27.107/13/2013
Frank R. Lepa39.507/13/2013
Janet L. Wade9.207/13/2013
James D. Barham38.107/26/2013
Ann A. Bradshaw27.807/27/2013
Mark F. Foley20.907/31/2013
Suzanne B. Johnston29.107/31/2013
Anita D. Wiley30.307/31/2013
Pedro L. Almanza32.208/23/2013
Joel B. Roossin30.408/28/2013
Brenda Joseph20.208/30/2013
Pamela J. Evans25.808/31/2013
Claudia L. Holmes18.508/31/2013
Joseph F. Suding35.208/31/2013
James R. McDonald35.309/03/2013
Richard C. Pollock Nelson35.309/03/2013
Last Updated: 04/11/2014