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Knowledge Test for Entry-Level Bank Examiner Candidates

An important factor in the success of an entry-level bank examiner is the ability to understand certain business and financial concepts. To determine whether candidates possess the knowledge required, we administer a knowledge test. Entry-level candidates have 90 minutes to complete the 75-question, multiple-choice test. The total number of questions answered correctly determines a candidate’s score, and the test is graded on a pass/fail basis.

The entry-level knowledge test will evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of:

  • components of a balance sheet
  • components of an income statement
  • relationships between balance sheet and income statement items
  • bookkeeping entries
  • general ledgers
  • conceptual definitions of key financial statement ratios
  • concepts of amortization, accretion, and depreciation
  • knowledge of different types of bank products and services
  • concept of time value of money (present value, net present value, and future value)
  • loan concepts (repayment capacity, interest, collateral)

If some time has passed since your formal business studies, you may want to refresh your memory. Because the knowledge test is oriented towards accounting, it may help to include accounting principles in your review.

A candidate must pass this test to be eligible to take the WCST.